One can fly for business and other purposes at beneficial tariffs using My Travel Card special tariff program. It is enough to select the direction and number of flights that you plan to use within My Travel Card service duration.
Benefits of the program
Fixed tariff for all segments regardless of the ticket confirmation date.
You do not need to plan a flight in advance to use the most favorable tariff. Favorable tariff is already fixed within My Travel Card program and will not rise even if the tariffs open for sale differ from your tariff at the time of ticket confirmation.
Convenient booking of flights if My Travel Card service is confirmed.
It is enough to contact any ticket agency, name the booking data and confirm the date of the flight. Neither payment nor entering additional data is required.
Service confirmation
You can buy tickets within My Travel Card service at any ticket agency, for flights performed every day:
from Moscow:
Mineralnye Vody
from Krasnoyarsk
from Norilsk
You choose the direction and number of routes for yourself
Service class
For 2 months
For 3 months
Economy class
3 flights
5 flights
Business class
3 flights
5 flights
Terms and conditions of
My Travel Card program
  • A ticket for the first flight with a certain date must be confirmed.
  • Booking of other flights with flexible date is carried out not less than one (1) hour prior to the flight departure.
  • One-time payment for all segments within My Travel Card program.
  • Combination of different directions in one ticket is not allowed.
  • Combination with other published tariffs is prohibited.
  • The combination of economic and business class tariffs in one ticket is prohibited.
  • Violation of the sequence of use of flight segments is not allowed (with open date - it is necessary to make a flight upon conditions of the first segment prior booking the second one, it is necessary to make the second flight prior to booking the third one etc.).
  • Route change is prohibited.
Luggage allowance
  • Economy class - 20 kg. - 20 kg / 1 baggage article up to 23 kg
  • Business class - 30 kg / 1 baggage article up to 30 kg
Validity date of the travel card
  • For 3 flights - valid within 2 months.
  • For 5 flights - valid within 3 months.