Air transportation and passengers service

8.1. Passengers Information Service at an Airport
8.2. Passengers and Baggage Check-In
8.3. Passengers Service aboard aircraft
8.4. Rules of Behavior aboard aircraft
8.5. Passenger Service during Interval in Transportation

8.1. Passengers Information Service at an Airport.

8.1.1. The carrier and a service company provides visual and acoustic information to passengers at an airport:

  1. about aircrafts departure and arrival time;
  2. about place, start and finish time of check-in for a flight stipulated in an itinerary receipt;
  3. about place and start and finish time of passengers’ boarding an aircraft;
  4. about flight delay or cancellation and about reasons for delay or cancellation;
  5. about way of travel to the nearest settlement, between airport terminals, between airports;
  6. about Regulations and Procedure for Pre-Flight and After-Flight Inspection of Passengers and Baggage;
  7. about general Rules of the Passengers’ meeting the requirements associated with the border, customs, sanitary and quaran-tine, veterinary, quarantine and phyto-sanitary types of control stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation and/or the laws of the country, on the territory, from the territory or through the territory of which the flight is performed.
  8. about location of mother-and-child rooms.

8.1.2. At airports and transportation sales points the following things should be present:

  1. schedule of aircrafts departure from this airport;
  2. these Regulations and regulatory documents on passengers and baggage transportation regulations;
  3. information on the procedure for inspection, items and substances prohibited for transportation by aircrafts, liability for violation of these Regulations;
  4. information on transportation terms for different categories of passengers, on documents that should be provided by a passenger at his/her air transportation, on free baggage allowance for air transport by aircrafts types.

8.1.3. The Carrier does not give individuals oral and written information on passengers departure and arrival, sold tickets and written information on seats availability. Information is provided only upon official request from enterprises, institutions and entities if a request is connected with an accident, departure delay or a reason deemed valid by the Carrier.

8.1.4. At an airport the carrier or a service company ensures:

  1. passenger and baggage check-in for transportation;
  2. delivery of passengers to an aircraft parking place and their boarding an aircraft;
  3. delivery of baggage to an aircraft parking place, baggage loading, placement and securing aboard an aircraft;
  4. passengers’ debarkation from an aircraft, passengers delivery to an a terminal building;
  5. baggage unloading from an aircraft, transportation and dispensing to passengers;
  6. passengers service according to Regulations, applied by the airline, at transit and transfer points in case of losing airline connecting flights through the carrier’s fault, provided that reservation is confirmed for a following sector of flight, and in case of non-departure of airline flights, under traffic documents with confirmed reservation due to lack of seats in aircraft cabin.

Additional fee is not charged for services set forth in Clause 8.1.4. of these Regulations.

8.1.5. The Carrier or a service company may provide a passenger additional high-comfort services during a flight or on land.

8.1.6. Additional high-comfort services, procedure for their provision and payment is determined by the Carrier if they are settled by the Carrier, or an authorized agent, service company if they are provided by an authorized agent, service company, or upon agreement between parties providing services jointly.

8.1.7. Cost of services provided may not be returned to a passenger.

8.2. Passengers and Baggage Check-In.

8.2.1. For passenger transportation the Carrier ensures performance of passengers and baggage check-in.

8.2.2. A passenger is allowed for transportation if he/she has a duly issued ticket.

8.2.3. To ensure flight safety, passengers, baggage, including thing kept by a passenger, undergo compulsory inspection. A passenger should at a reasonable time arrive to passengers and baggage check-in place to undergo settled procedures for passengers and baggage check-in, payment for excess baggage and/or other baggage subject to payment, undergoing inspection, etc. (hereinafter “Pre-flight Formalities”) and to fulfill requirements on border, customs, immigration, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, quarantine and phytosanitary and other control types pursuant to legislation of the Russian Federation and legislation of the country in the territory, from the territory or through it, and to arrive to a boarding place.

8.2.4. Passengers and baggage are checked in by the Carrier on the basis of the data of a document identifying passenger’s personality that is necessary according to legislation of the Russian Federation and international treaty of the Russian Federation for a passenger transportation along a route, pursuant to a passenger air transportation agreement, and other documents pursuant to legislation of the Russian Federation. Documents that identify passenger’s personality are:

  1. Passport of a Citizen of the RF (Russian Federation).
  2. Seafarer Passport (Seafarer's Identity Document).
  3. Regular Foreign Passport of a Citizen of the RF.
  4. Alien's Passport.
  5. Temporary Residence Permit.
  6. Certificate of Birth.
  7. Military Serviceman’s Identity Document.
  8. Stateless Person’s Identity Document.
  9. Laissez-Passer to the Country of the Passenger’s Residence.
  10. Temporary Identity Document issued by the Agencies of the Interior.
  11. Military Service Record Card.
  12. Refugee's Travel Document.
  13. Stateless Person’s Residence Permit.
  14. Certificate of Release from Places of Detention.
  15. Passport of a Citizen of the USSR.
  16. Diplomatic Passport.
  17. Business Passport (excluding Seafarer and Business Passports).
  18. Certificate Issued to a Convicted Person Obtained Permit for Long- or Short-Term Departure Outside the Places of Detention.

8.2.5. Also, if is necessary, a passenger should have documents that certify special terms of transportation of this passenger or his/her baggage (notarized consent for taking a child outside the Russian Federation, medical assessment report, veterinary certificate, etc.).

8.2.6. If a passenger intends to provide at flight check-in another instead of one under which a ticket was issued, the passenger should at a reasonable time prior to flight check-in address the carrier or an authorized agent to introduce changes in the computer-aided reservation system regarding a document identifying passenger’s personality and the Carrier or an authorized agent is obliged to undertake actions to introduce the mentioned changes.

8.2.7. In case of international transportation, a passenger is obliged to have duly filed travel and entry documents and other documents required according to legislation of the country in the territory, from the territory or through the territory of which transportation will be performed.

8.2.8. Passengers and baggage check-in for flights at an airport is finished no earlier than 40 minutes before the aircraft departure time according to charter flights schedule or plan (timetable). 

Check-in finish time at check-in points located outside an airport and check-in at the carrier’s web-site set by the Carrier and is determined with consideration of time necessary for passengers and baggage delivery (arrival) to the departure airport for boarding (loading) an aircraft and undergoing pre-flight formalities and requirements on border, customs, immigration, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, quarantine and phytosanitary control types pursuant to legislation of the Russian Federation and/or legislation of the country in the territory, to the territory or through the territory of which transportation is performed.

8.2.9 If any passenger is checked in at points outside the airport, or on the carrier’s website, or in self-check-in kiosks, such passenger shall check its baggage and hand luggage at check-in at the departure airport before the end of check-in as stated in clause 8.2.8.

8.2.10. At check-in a passenger is issued a boarding pass that specifies the passenger’s initials and surname, flight number, departure date, boarding finish time, boarding gate number and sat number aboard an aircraft. If necessary, other information may be additionally stipulated in a boarding pass.


For the purposes of fulfillment of the statutory requirements and flight safety assurance the Representative of the Carrier has the right to change the seat number indicated in the boarding pass and provide a boarding pass with a new seat number or make a written note in the existing boarding pass.

8.2.11. At passenger and baggage check-in a passenger is obliged to provide for weighing all baggage meant for transportation, except for things necessary during a flight.

8.2.12. The Carrier and a service company place information on baggage acceptance for transportation, number of baggage pieces and weight, except for things stipulated in clause 12.4.4. of these Regulations, in electronic form in the computer-aided system for passengers and baggage check-in.

8.2.13. At baggage check-in a passenger is given an identification tag portion (tear-off coupon) while the other portion is attached to each piece of baggage accepted by the Carrier for transportation upon the Carrier’s liability for security of these things from the moment of their provision by a passenger through the moment of their dispensing to the passenger.

8.2.14. Baggage identification tag serves for detection of each piece of checked-in baggage and contains information on a passenger’s family and surname, flight number, departure date, departure airport (point) and destination airport (point) for transportation to which checked-in baggage was accepted, baggage piece weight. Baggage identification tag may contain other additional information.

8.2.15. To mark special transportation terms a special unmarked tag is attached to checked-in baggage.

8.2.16. After passenger and baggage check-in responsibility for baggage security is entrusted with the Carrier.

8.2.17. Carriage of baggage that excesses settled free baggage allowance, other baggage that should be paid for is charged according to a rate settled by the Carrier. Carriage of such baggage is paid for through electronic miscellaneous document receipt (EMD).

8.2.18. A passenger should arrive to a departure gate no later than boarding finish time stipulated in a boarding pass. A passenger boards an aircraft upon showing a boarding pass for a respective flight.

8.2.19. The Carrier shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the Passenger Air Carriage Agreement, and the Air Carriage Agreement, in the following cases:

  1. if the Passenger, Cargo Owner, or Consignor violates the passport, customs, sanitary or other requirements stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation in respect of air traffic, international air transportation regulations defined by the relevant authorities of the state of departure, destination or transit;
  2. if the Passenger, Cargo Owner, or Consignor refuses to carry out the requirements of the Federal Aviation Rules;
  3. if health condition of the Passenger of the aircraft requires special conditions of air transportation or threatens the safety of the Passenger or other persons, which is confirmed by the medical documents, and causes disorder and unavoidable discomfort for other persons;
  4. if the Passenger refuses to pay for the luggage carriage the weight of which exceeds the set norms of free baggage allowance;
  5. if the Passenger refuses to pay for a child transportation travelling with him, except as provided in subparagraph 3 paragraph 2 Article 106 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation;
  6. if the Passenger violates the rules of conduct on board of the aircraft, endangering the flight safety or causing a threat to the life or health of other persons, as well as if the Passenger fails to fulfill the orders of the aircraft commander in accordance with article 58 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation;
  7. if there are any items or substances forbidden for air transportation in the Passenger’s things being with him as well as in luggage or cargo.


Luggage of a checked-in Passenger, failed to emplaning, is subject to removal from the aircraft and binding inspection.

8.3. Passengers Service aboard aircraft.

8.3.1. Service aboard aircraft is an integral part of service package provided by an airline to clients.

8.3.2. The Carrier should have aboard an aircraft trained personnel the number of whom is sufficient for passenger service.

8.3.3. Main tasks of passenger cabin personnel are to ensure: a) flight safety;; b) passenger service aboard. Note: Aboard aircraft during flight individual service of according to classes, settled by certain airlines, are presupposed.

8.3.4. The carrier provides a passenger aboard an aircraft a service package depending on type and equipment of an aircraft, flight duration, time of a day when a flight is performed and service class stipulated in an itinerary receipt.

8.3.5. The carrier provides aboard aircraft:

  1. Passengers information about flight terms and general Rules of Passenger Behavior aboard an Aircraft, location of regular and emergency exits, procedure for leaving an aircraft in case of emergency and location of personal protective equipment and inflatable escape chutes in an aircraft cabin;
  2. Periodicals;
  3. Musical and video service (in planes having relevant equipment);
  4. on flights on aircraft:
    • Boeing 737-800 and 737-300: beverages if an aircraft flight duration is under three hours, cold meals and beverages if an aircraft flight duration is from three to four hours, hot meals and beverages if an aircraft flight duration is over four hours and further every four hours during the day time and every six hours during the night time;
    • ATR 42-500: beverages if an aircraft flight duration is under three hours, cold meals and beverages if an aircraft flight duration is over three hours.
  5. Medical first aid;
  6. Assistance in immigration card filling in (if necessary);
  7. Additional services.

8.3.6. Above-mentioned types of services are provided at the following passenger service stages:

  1. acceptance and placement;
  2. pre-flight service;
  3. level flight service;
  4. service after landing.


Additional fee is not charged for services set forth in Clause 8.3.5. of these Regulations.

8.3.7. Meals and hot beverages may not be provided to passengers of aircrafts on board the aircraft, if the passenger is informed of the on-board passenger service terms and conditions prior to entering into the passenger air transportation agreement.

8.4. Rules of Behavior aboard aircraft.

8.4.1. A passenger bears liability for violation of settled norms, rules and requirements on ensuring flight safety at domestic airlines of the Russian Federation according to effective legislation of the RF.

8.4.2. A passenger bears liability for violation of settled norms, rules and requirements on ensuring flight safety at international airlines according to requirements of international air law (international conventions on civil aviation) and legislation of the country of destination or intermediate landing, disregarding aircraft registration and operation.

8.4.3. The following should be understood as violation of rules of passenger behavior aboard an aircraft:

  1. violation of rules determined aircraft operator (smoking (including electronic cigarettes), use of electronic devices, etc.);
  2. attack (physical violence), frightening or threats against other passengers;
  3. non-fulfillment of requirements of aviation personnel or crew on observation of norms on ensuring safety;
  4. consumption of drugs or excessive quantity of alcohol that caused intoxication and/or inadequate reaction to events;
  5. disorderly conduct, swearing, verbal abuse, etc.;
  6. insult and violations (actions) of sexual nature (sexual harassment to adult or underage passenger or crew members);
  7. malicious (willful) damage (destruction) to or putting out of order aircraft property or equipment;
  8. theft of aircraft property and equipment;
  9. photographing, videorecording aboard aircraft during preparation for take-off, take-off, drifting up, drifting down, and landing of a plane;
  10. other violations (unauthorized use of electronic devices, refusal to leave a passenger terminal or aircraft aircraft, etc.)

8.4.4. During aircraft take-off and landing it is prohibited for passengers to move along aircraft cabin without permission of flight attendants.

8.4.5. It is prohibited for passengers to touch emergency exits knobs.

8.4.6. It is prohibited for passengers to perform any actions that may do harm to other passengers (physical or emotional) and property aboard an aircraft.

8.4.7. Aboard an aircraft a passenger is obliged to:

  1. fulfill requirements and recommendations of aircraft commander and crew members aimed at ensuring flight safety;
  2. place carry-on luggage and personal possessions at specially allotted places shown by a flight attendant;
  3. observe generally accepted rules of behavior at public places;
  4. fasten seat belts after “Fasten the belts” panel turn-on and (under aircraft commander’s instruction) keep them fastened.

8.4.8. According to provisions of international conventions on civil aviations and Air Code of the RF, aircraft commander has the right to:

  1. give orders to any person aboard aircraft for the purposes of ensuring aircraft flight safety and demand their fulfillment;
  2. take any necessary measures (including enforcement measures) towards people who by their actions create direct threat to flight safety and refuse to obey aircraft commander’s orders.
  3. remove such people from aircraft upon aircraft arrival to the nearest airport and in case of committing an action with elements of crime to pass them to law enforcement authorities of the country of stay.

8.4.9. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) aboard an aircraft is strictly prohibited. On the territory of an airport smoking is allowed in specially dedicated places only.

8.4.10. Economy class passengers are not allowed to use a toilet room located I the front part of a plane that is meant for business class passengers and crew members.

8.5. Passenger Service during Interval in Transportation.

8.5.1. In case interval in transportation through the carrier’s fault and also in case of flight delay, flight cancellation due t unfavorable meteorological condition, technical and other reasons, transportation route alteration, the Carrier is obliged to arrange for passengers in departure points and intermediate points the following services: 

  1. provision of mother-and-child rooms to a passenger with a child under seven years old; 
  2. two telephone calls and two e-mail messages in case of waiting for flight departure over two hours; 
  3. provision of refreshment drinks in case of waiting for flight departure over two hours; 
  4. provision of hot meals in case of waiting for flight departure over four hours and every six hours later on at daytime and every eight hours at night; 
  5. placement at a hotel in case of waiting for flight departure over eight hours at daytime and over six hours at night; 
  6. transportation from an airport to a hotel and back, in cases when a hotel is provided, free of charge; 
  7. arrangement of baggage storage.

The services set forth in this clause are provided to passengers free of charge.

For the purposes hereof the flight departure waiting period starts from the flight departure time indicated in the ticket


For flights to China, as well as from China, providing refreshments and hot meals while waiting for departure more than two hours, including the delay in departure vessel with passengers on board.