Reservation of Passenger, Baggage, Cargo Transportation

2.1. General provisions

2.1.1. Reservation of a passenger seat and capacity for passenger, baggage and cargo transportation in aircraft for a certain flight and date (hereinafter “Reservation”) is a compulsory term of a passenger, baggage and cargo carriage by air transport.

2.1.2. Reservation of a passenger seat and a passenger capacity is made by the carrier or its authorized agent directly in points of transportation services sales or by telephone, e-mail or independently through information systems.

2.1.3. Computer reservation systems shall be used for booking.

2.1.4. Capacity reservation shall only be valid in case it is entered into the reservation system, performed according to the established Rules, and does not contradict the terms of the Contract of Carriage. Reservation information must be submitted by the Carrier or its Authorized Agent to the Passenger, and the Consignor.

2.1.5. At reservation Passenger gives necessary information on his/her personal details and special passenger or baggage transportation terms, if any. In case a passenger refuses to provide information necessary for reservation, reservation is not made. At reservation a passenger may give a telephone number or another contact to inform him/her.

2.1.6. When booking a Passenger seat and capacity for a Passenger, the Carrier or its Authorized Agent:

  • provides the Passenger with accurate and complete information about the schedule of aircraft movement, seats and capacities available, tariff rates and conditions of their application including information about the conditions of refund (non-refund) of the carriage charge paid, the Rules of the Carrier, the terms of Passenger Air Traffic Agreement, service conditions on board, type of aircraft, and other related information;

2.1.7. At reservation by an authorized agent a passenger, consigner is informed according to high-priority parameters of transportation conditions and/or general transportation conditions settled by a passenger, consigner.

2.1.8. The Carrier and an authorized agent may not pass information received from a passenger or consigner to third parties, excluding cases set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation or international treaties of the Russian Federation.

2.1.9. For reservation it is necessary to agree with the carrier transportation of:

  1. a passenger with a child under 2 years old; 
  2. a child unaccompanied by a passenger of full age or a passenger who received full legal capability under legislation of the RF under eighteen years old, who will be transported under the Carrier’s supervision;
  3. a badly ill passenger;
  4. a stretcher borne patient;
  5. a blind passenger with a assistance-dog;
  6. a passenger with reduced mobility and ability to use air transport and/or whose state requires special care while providing services (hereinafter “Passenger with Reduced Mobility”);
  7. pets (birds);
  8. assistance-dogs;
  9. a passenger possessing arms and/or ammunition;
  10. excess baggage;
  11. oversized baggage;
  12. heavy baggage;
  13. baggage that should be carried in an aircraft cabin only; 
  14. a valuable cargo;
  15. a perishable cargo;
  16. a hazardous cargo;
  17. a heavy cargo;
  18. an oversized cargo;
  19. a bulky cargo;
  20. a cargo requiring special transportation conditions;
  21. cargo with declared value and living things;
  22. human remains and animal remains.

2.1.10. he Passenger can register a carriage of luggage with the declared value. When doubting as regards correctness of the declared value, the Carrier or its Authorized Agent shall be entitled to demand the luggage opening for the purpose of checking. The Passenger shall provide the Carrier or its Authorized Agent with the proof of luggage declared value (such as an invoice, sales check or other documents certifying the value). In case of refusal of baggage opening, the lack of the declared value proofs as well as the discrepancies in the assessment amounts, the baggage with the declared value shall not be accepted for carriage.

2.1.11. At a passenger seat and capacity reservation the carrier or an authorized agent is entitled not to secure a specific seat in an aircraft cabin with declared service class for a passenger. In this case the number of a passenger seat provided to a passenger is stipulated at the passenger’s registration.

2.1.12. At reservation of a transportation with a passenger’s change of flight, baggage, cargo reloading from one flight to another for further travelling along the route at an airport stipulated in a traffic document within twenty-four hours (transfer airport) the carrier or an authorized agent is obliged to ensure reservation and receive confirmation of reservation at all sectors of a passenger, baggage, cargo transportation, including sector where transportation is performed by other carriers, which allows a passenger to arrive for check-in at settled time to undergo settled check-in procedures and baggage check-in, payment for excess baggage, examination, to reload baggage, cargo to another flight and fulfill requirements on border, customs, immigration, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, quarantine and phytosanitary control types pursuant to legislation of the Russian Federation and/or legislation of the country in the territory, to the territory or through the territory of which transportation is performed, and also the procedure of cargo transfer from one aircraft to another.

2.1.13. If a passenger has not used a reserved passenger seat for any sector of a transportation route, the passenger should inform the carrier about his/her intention to continue transportation on following sectors of the transportation route. If a passenger has not informed the carrier about his/her intention to continue transportation, the carrier may withdraw reservation for each following sector of the route without notifying the passenger. A passenger’s refusal from transportation at any sector of the transportation route is deemed to be a modification of transportation route and is pursuant to the procedure suggested for a passenger’s modification of a passenger air transportation agreement.

2.1.14. The Carrier shall be entitled to cancel the booking of capacity without notifying the Passenger and the Consignor in the following cases:

  • in case the Passenger has failed to pay for the carriage within the term specified by the Carrier and his ticket has not been issued;
  • if the Consignor has failed to submit the cargo for transportation within the term set by the Carrier or its Authorized Agent;
  • in case the Consignor has submitted a cargo improperly documented, but necessary for fulfilling the requirements related to the border, customs, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary and phytosanitary control stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation and/or the laws of the country, on the territory, from the territory or through the territory of which the carriage is performed, or the cargo fails to meet the requirements established by the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation and these Rules.

2.1.15. Reservation under a ticket issued with open departure date is made if there are free passenger seats and capacity available at the Carrier’s flight within validity term of a passenger air transportation agreement.

2.1.16. If a passenger who has a ticket with open departure date applies for transportation reservation and the carrier cannot provide a passenger seat and capacity within validity term of a passenger air transportation agreement, the carrier or its authorized agent is obliged to make reservation for the nearest flight at which a free seat and capacity is available that conforms with a paid rate.

2.1.17. A passenger seat and capacity reservation suggests transportation of a passenger and his/her baggage on the date, at the flight and along the route that were reserved.

2.1.18. Capacity reservation for cargo suggests cargo transportation on the date, at the flight and along the route that were reserved unless otherwise is contemplated by a cargo air transportation agreement.

2.1.19. Booking shall be performed on terms and in the order established by the Carrier and in accordance with the tarriff rates provision.

2.1.20. Capacity reservation for cargo is made by the Carrier or its authorized agent.

2.1.21. A consigner at capacity reservation should give the Carrier or its authorized agent information on a consigner and consignee details, cargo title, supposed departure date, cargo gross weight (hereinafter “Weight”) and volume, dimensions of each piece of cargo, number of pieces, cargo handling conditions, cargo properties requiring special conditions or safety measures during its transportation, storage and processing.

2.1.22. Prior to capacity reservation, the Carrier or its authorized agent inspects a cargo to find out whether the cargo or its part may be classified as hazardous cargoes. Cargo inspection determines hazardous cargo transportation opportunity and conditions.

2.1.23. At capacity reservation for cargo the carrier or its authorized agent:

  • Gives a consigner information on aircraft traffic schedule, rates and terms of their application, the Carrier’s Regulations, terms of a cargo air transportation agreement, availability of free capacity, tonnage, other related information;