Frequently asked questions

Flight check-in

Restrictions for the online check-in

You cannot check in for the flight online if:

  • You are classified among the special category passengers who require additional services, such as accompaniment of a passenger with disabilities, accompaniment of a child without parents, etc. Special category passengers are checked in for the flight at the airport at the check-in counter.
  • You are traveling with animals.
  • You have extra seats, including for the luggage.
  • You are not a citizen of the Russian Federation flying to Norilsk.
You checked in for the flight online, but didn’t print out your boarding pass before leaving for the airport. Where can you get it?
At the airport of departure contact the staff at the check-in counters, they will print out your boarding pass.
What is the cost of the Seat Selection service?
The cost of the Seat Selection service starts from 300 rubles, the price depends on the location of the seat in the aircraft cabin.
I have trouble completing online check-in. What should I do?

Please check the following conditions:

  • departure of your flight is from the airport in the Russian Federation;
  • there are no more than 24 hours and not less than 1 hour left before departure;
  • the passenger’s name is entered the same way as stated on the ticket;
  • the ticket number contains 13 digits and begins with a three-digit code (476).