Frequently asked questions

Loyalty program

Will miles be accrued for purchase of tickets for relatives and friends?
According to the terms and conditions of the program, miles can be earned only for flights taken by the “Easy to fly!” program participant.
Why is different number of miles accrued for one and the same NordStar flight?
<p>The number of miles accrued depends not only on the distance between the departure and destination airports, but also on the class of service, as well as on the fare, under which the ticket was purchased. You can find conditions of accrual of miles in the  <a href="/en/bonus-programs/collect/">Accumulation of miles</a> section.</p>
Will the flights taken before registration in the loyalty program be taken into account?

Requests to credit miles for NordStar flights are accepted for consideration within six (6) months from the date of the flight, provided that the passenger is registered in the “Easy to fly!” loyalty program as of the date of the flight. Request for restoration of miles can be filed using the “Declare a flight” service in the Personal Account of the “Easy to fly!” program.

Within which time miles for the flight will be credited?

Miles will be automatically credited to the personal account of the participant after taking the regular NordStar flight. If airports on the flight route are not equipped with automated departure control systems, miles will be credited within 45 days.

How miles for the flight are awarded?

Miles will be credited to the account automatically, if you present the “Easy to fly!” program participant card or tell the personal account number when purchasing the ticket. It is important to specify the participant’s data (surname, name and date of birth) correctly to exclude errors in the accrual of miles.

If the participant of the program has not indicated the personal account number or has not presented the card when buying a ticket, he/she can use the “Declare a flight” service in the Personal Account of the “Easy to fly!” program.

Where can I see how many miles were credited to the member’s account?

Detailed information on the number of miles on the account is contained in the personal account of the participant on the website

How to earn miles?

Miles of various levels are awarded for taking of regular NordStar flights, as well as when upgrading to a higher status. For more information on accrual of miles, see Accumulation of miles section.

What are “bonus miles”?
These are the miles that are used only to get awards. Bonus miles include welcoming miles and miles accrued with any promotional actions.
What are “status miles”?
These are the miles that are used only to get awards. Status miles are accrued only at the Gold or Platinum level.
What are “flight miles”?
Flight miles are necessary to get awards and upgrade the status of the program participant. They are accrued for taking regular NordStar flights.
What are “miles”?
Miles are the units of account of the “Easy to fly!” program. The more miles you accumulate on your participant account, the faster it will become possible to get program awards.
How to get a Gold or Platinum participant card?
After assignment or renewal of the Gold or Platinum status, the participant will receive a request for confirmation of the address for delivery of a new card. Within one month after confirmation of the address the participant’s card will be issued and sent. The card contains information on the status in the “Easy to fly!” program.
Is it obligatory to have a card for participation in the program?
In accordance with the rules of the “Easy to fly!” program, presence of the card is not obligatory for accrual of miles. To earn miles, you need to specify only the program participant account number when buying a ticket.
What is a Nickel card?
Nickel card is a virtual card that is necessary to assign a personal account in the program to the participant. By means of the Nickel card you can accumulate miles and get awards of the program.
How to change data in the personal profile of the “Easy to fly!” program participant?

In the personal account of the program participant you can change the postal address for delivery of the participant’s card, as well as passport data and a phone number.

To change the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, e-mail address, it is necessary to select through the Feedback Form the subject of the request and fill in the application for changing of the personal data. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the document indicated in the profile (passport, international passport), and in the case of change of the surname — copies of supporting documents (passport with a new surname, certificate of marriage or divorce).

How can I recover the password for the personal profile of the “Easy to fly!” program participant?
  1. In the Personal Account section, click the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. In the appeared form, enter the program participant number that was assigned upon registration in the program and click the “Send” button.
  3. A letter with the password recovery information and link to the page, where you can request a new password, will be sent to the e-mail address of the program participant.
  4. To receive a new password, specify the program participant number and key that was sent with the password recovery letter and click the “Send” button.
How to sign in to the Personal Account of the “Easy to fly!” program participant?
To sign in to the Personal Account, open the “Easy to fly!” program tab on the main page of the website and click the link of “Personal Account” section. In the appeared form enter the program participant card number and password that was sent to the participant’s e-mail address immediately after registration in the program.
Can an employee of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel become a participant of the “Easy to fly!” program?
Employee of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel can become a participant of the “Easy to fly!” program under general conditions.
Is it possible to register a child in the “Easy to fly!” program?
Any natural person who has attained the age of fourteen (14) years can register in the program.
How to register in the “Easy to fly!” program?

You can register in the “Easy to fly!” program through the registration form in the Easy to fly section.