Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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How can I pay for the air ticket when I buy it on the website?

Can military personnel purchase tickets on the website under a travel order?

Can I buy a ticket for a charter flight of your Airline on the website?

How to buy tickets for a group of passengers on the website?

What kinds of animals are allowed for transportation on the Airline flights?

I have trouble completing online check-in. What should I do?

What is the cost of the Seat Selection service?

Are there any rows with the increased seat pitch on the plane?

What time is indicated in the tickets?

How to register in the “Easy to fly!” program?

Is it possible to register a child in the “Easy to fly!” program?

What items are permitted for excess carry-on luggage transportation?

Are baby bassinets and baby strollers permitted to be carried in the aircraft cabin?

Are there special meals for children on the airline flights?

Does NordStar Airlines provide the service of passengers transfer to the airport?

What kind of payment cards can be used to pay for a ticket to Aeroexpress?