About the program

Any individual aged 14 and above can become a participant of Easy to Fly! program.
Participation in the program
It is possible to register and get an individual number of the program participant on the official website of NordStar Airlines www.nordstar.ru. Upon registration, the participant is assigned a Basic status and given a virtual card for saving miles for flights performed.
Crediting of miles
Upon registration in the program, the participant is credited with 500 “Welcome” miles
When traveling by regular NordStar Airlines’ flights, each participant of the program receives miles
So far as miles are credited, the participant of the program can become the owner of the Gold or Platinum status; he can also confirm an award ticket or award upgrade
Using miles
Easy to Fly! program enables the participant to use the credited miles for purchasing:
A flight ticket in economy class
A flight ticket in business class
Statuses and privileges
There are three statuses of different level for the program participants:
Upon registration each participant of the program is assigned a Basic status, which gives the passenger all the rights and privileges of the program participant.
Upon crediting with a certain number of miles or flights performed, the participant acquires a Gold or Platinum status with the full range of privileges of a frequent traveler.